Fertility Patient explains how she had success after 3 months of treatment ( March 2019 )

I came to see Francis as I was overdue on my second pregnancy and heard acupuncture can help induce labour. I went into labour shortly after visiting Francis that same day !
He was warm and welcomimg and his practice is immaculate and would definitely recommend him.

Mrs V.G. ( Cornwall)

The short while that I received treatment from Francis was more beneficial than years of visits to my regular GP. I arrived to my first appointment with a number of health issues that were affecting my general wellbeing, I felt completely depleted and fed-up but Francis was able to pinpoint the root cause of my problems from day one. Having received acupuncture, herbal medicine and cupping therapy I have finally been able to manage my asthma without the need for a lifetime of pharmaceutical medication, which I had previously been told was impossible. The approach is highly intuitive and looks from a different perspective than that of Western medicine so I would urge anyone who feels as helpless as I did to get a second opinion here.

Anna Louise ( Cornwall)


I visited Francis seeking treatment for severe psoriasis. It was all over my body, which was very traumatic, and I had tried everything to no avail. The dermatologist I saw said there was no known cause and no treatment that eliminates it completely, and sent me away with a topical cortisone cream that did nothing at all to help.

I was very frustrated, upset and hopeless when I went to Francis and he treated me with care and compassion. The herbs he prescribed cleared the condition completely within a month or so and it has never returned. The results of this treatment were highly dramatic and very fast, especially for a condition that had proven resistant to absolutely everything up to that point. I have since recommended Francis to anyone I know who is suffering from a similar condition and will continue to do so. Thank you again, Francis!

I cannot speak highly enough about the care I received from Francis. After being treated unsuccessfully by naturopaths and other holistic practitioners, I turned to Francis for TCM to treat my unexplained infertility. His expertise in TCM is unparalleled. He treated me with the utmost care an compassion during grueling IVF treatments, as well as a second trimester pregnancy loss. Had it not been for the my regular treatments with Francis, I do not believe I would be 9 months pregnant today. His wealth of knowledge combined with his positive and calming demeanor during every treatment was much appreciated. My husband and I are extremely grateful to Francis for all of his care and support.
Mrs K.U.

After being diagnosed with endometriosis and a lower than normal AMH for my age, fearing I may never be able to conceive I began to research TCM as a means of helping manage the stress of infertility and improve my chances of conception. Francis instantly put my mind at ease. Not only was he incredibly knowledgeable in his field, but he was extremely accommodating and compassionate in helping me navigate the overwhelming world of infertility. After six months of treatment which included acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs, I became pregnant with my first child and am currently expecting baby number two any day now!
Mrs A.G.

I’ve always suffered from allergies and general sensitivity – seasonal allergies, pollen, pets & dander, dust & dust mites, perfume & scents, etc. I also found myself to be very filled with mucous – always blowing my nose in the morning and my face cleanser at night, no matter how mild would make me sneeze. It’s sneezing, runny, itchy eyes, stuffed up and runny nose and itchy roof of my mouth and tongue that would start to swell. I always just lived with it and sparingly took anti-histamine when I absolutely needed it. But after my child was born, my allergies went crazy - off the charts. Sneezing 50 times in a row (great ab workout though!), so congested in my nose and sinuses, I had to sleep almost sitting up and taking a24 hour anti-histamine twice a day for months. I also added a new carpet, so I had some where to play with my baby but my allergies worsened after that. I hate medicines and they weren’t working anyway, so turned to ART and Francis Rock. During my first treatment he asked me if I had a carpet because I was showing a sensitivity (I was amazed - I hadn’t told him because I wanted to keep it for my baby!) and I said “Yes”…the treatment continued and I went home. I was astounded – that evening, although not 100%, I didn’t need anti-histamine! For the first time in months! The next day I felt better and even better the day after that. By my next appointment the following week, I was actually better than I ever was – no need to blow my nose every morning and no more pills! It’s been a year now and I still feel great.
Thank you Francis. SM

Our daughter had been struggling more and more with her allergies over the past few years. School was very difficult, especially with her allergies to corn and fragrance, since they are so hard to avoid. Her reactions made school unpleasant and uncomfortable, which led to a lot of anxiety. She would come home covered in hives every day, had constant headaches, and could not sleep at night. While we could change her diet and our home environment, the school environment was very difficult to change. After a few weeks of treatments with Dr. Rock, we saw great improvements. Months later, she is still doing very well. She is back to loving school and is sleeping much better. Her skin is clear at the end of the day, she is no longer anxious, and she rarely has a headache. We also appreciate how honest, friendly, and reasonable Dr. Rock has been with us. He included our daughter in the conversations and decisions about her treatments, which put her at ease. We are all so grateful for these positive changes!

S.G. and family.

Previous to the treatment, our son Sam (age 15 months) was having an adverse reaction to eggplant. Am amazed how after two treatments he was able to eat eggplant without any sign of hives or flushed face. Thanks for the assistance.

Mrs C Armitage

I used to try to force myself to not like the taste of chocolate so I would not be disappointed by my chocolate sensitivity. I lived with hives and acne if I ate even a small amount. After AAT treatments, I eat organic dark truffles without any reaction! I can't believe what I have been missing in life. I am very grateful for this technique.

Julie Daniluk R.H.N.
The Official On-Line Nutritionist for the Women's Television Network.

Over the past seven years I have visited doctors and dermatologists because of my sunlight sensitivity. My arms, legs and abdomen become covered with numerous red, itchy spots. Sun screen and antihistamines have not helped. I have resorted to wearing long sleeve shirts and avoiding the outdoors on clear, sunny days.
Recently, I was recommended to consult with Francis Rock about his new method to treat the symptoms associated with sensitivities. Although I was apprehensive about the outcome, after only two appointments I spent several hours outdoors gardening and then lawn bowling. The temperature was in the mid-eighties and very sunny. I did not apply sun screen in order to test the treatment. It worked! There are no new "spots" and the itch was minimal.

Thank you
Tom Trattner

I am a skeptical guy and it was with some reserrvation that I approached Francis Rock for treatment for my sensitivity to cats. Before treatment I could barely be in the same room where a cat had been. I would have to sit perched on the edge of a kitchen chair - forget reclining on a friend's sofa - and after twenty minutes or so I would start to feel the effects which would eventually force me to leave. After only one AAT treatment I was able to sit in a room with two cats and no longer feel any symptoms. The results of AAT have proven to be amazing and I am now a believer!

Jason Van Tassel